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Former Member
Jul 20, 2007 at 10:48 AM

Unable to connect InfoSource to hierarchy datamart of referenced infoobject


Hi everyone,

I have a base infoobject x containing hierarchies and another infoobject y which is referencing x. I declared y as an export datasource in order to forward hierarchy data to a infosource within the same BW system (oddly enough, the datamart of y has only the hierarchy datasource while x offers datasources for master data and texts as well).

Now once I try to connect the hierarchy datamart of Y to a 3.x infosource, I get told about a compatibility issue (from what I get it's that I could only connect to a direct update infosource). I was wondering if there is any way of achieving this anyways. I could also use DTP but would rather not, since I get scared off by the number of notes on DTP, and then again I could directly link the infoobject to my DSO (that's were the data is supposed to go eventually).

Any ideas on this?

Thanks, regards