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Automatic conversion of address data to geocoordinates

Jul 28, 2017 at 03:35 PM


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Dear Community,

is there something like a „scheduled service“ that converts customer addresses to coordinates in order to use it for geospatial segmentation?

According to we have to export all customer records, convert it manually ( and import it again? So it isn’t possible to use geospatial segmentations without manual exports/imports?

Thank you,

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Hoang Vu Mai Jul 29, 2017 at 07:28 PM

There are few ways to do it that I'm aware of.

1. If you are using C4C as one of the data source, you can use cloud micro service from SAP to enrich location address. This integration is out of the box and you pay for the service usage. Data from C4C with standard location info will be then replicate to Marketing for segmentation.

2. If you are loading data via SAP BOBJ Data Services, there is also option/plugin to enrich data with locations. This approach is more suitable for initial load though (or daily load via SAP Data Service ETL)

3. If your data are already in Hybris Marketing, you can use OpenChannel integration. We did similar thing to enrich data (not location though) from 3rd party source. In MKT, you will run the campaign for those customer that you want to have address standardization. OC campaign send out those customer with current addresses. With HCI you can transform the message and call to address API (e.g., receive the standardized address and update back to MKT via customer Odata interface.

With SAP DQM Micro service available, i think sooner or later there probably will be a standard integration between SAP MKT and DQM Microservice to do this work. It is good to check if SAP have this in the roadmap to avoid unnecessary development.


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Dear Mai,

thank you for your answer!

Is OpenChannel integration also available for hybris Marketing 1611?
And if not, how can we connect to in that case?

Best, Peter

Former Member

Dear Peter,

Besides the above suggested methods, yMKT also has the CRM geocoding functionalities available. So you could connect with an online API (openstreetmap, google etc.) without using HCI. Do go through the limits of the API you would like to use, and see whether that might be an option.

See for instance:

geocoding SPRO

Some custom solutions that can be used (I am using bottom one without issues):