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Jul 20, 2007 at 07:52 AM

Sequence of events and handlers in webdynpro



I am confused with the sequence of events triggered in webdynpro.

What is the sequence of the events like WDDOINIT of window, view, Inbound plug handlers etc. I am more looking into the details like for example

I have a window that opens a view. The sequence of events I expected would be

1) WDDOINIT of Window

2) Handle inbound plug for window

3) WDDOINIT of View

4) Handle inbound plug for view

Much to my amazement I found that the sequence is

1) WDDOINIT of Window

2) WDDOINIT of View

3) Handle inbound plug for window

The inbound plug of view is not called at all.

So is there an exhaustive reference that explains these things. Most of the references I found explain only about WDBEFOREACTION, WDMODIFYVIEW etc. But not about WDDOINIT or WDDOEXIT.

Any pointers in this regard will be great.