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Jul 20, 2007 at 07:16 AM

Adapter Engine null



I have an error with the adapter engine (PI 7.0):

under Runtime Workbench / Component Monitoring / Integration Server

Adapter Engine is shown with red light: "<i>Adapter Engine null</i>".

Details are saying: "<i>No correct URL exists for the RuntimeCheck. Enter a correct URL in the System Landscape Directory</i>"

If i go to SLD / Administration / Content Maintenance and choose (left side) subject "<i>Landscape Description</i>" and (right side) "<i>XI Adapter Framework"</i> and choose Adapter Engine, there is an empty field <i>"ISMsgURL"</i>, which is described with "<i>The URL that points to the integration server. The URL is used to transfer messages from the adapter framework to the integration server</i>".

I can fill it with the URL to IE, but unfortunately it is again empty, if i restart the Java Stack.

Does anybody have had that error or does anybody have an idea how to solve it?

Best regards,