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Jul 20, 2007 at 07:05 AM

Field Symbols


hi I am currently working on program where there should be screen parameters in such a way that they need to follow the ascending order

I want to do this using field symbols... I have 7 screen parameters.. and I have written the code like this

data: flname1(8),flname2(8), n type c value '1'.
FIELD-SYMBOLS: <fs1> type char8,
               <fs2> type char8.

do 6 times.

    CONCATENATE 'w_zfbdt' n into flname1.
    n = n + 1.
    CONCATENATE 'w_zfbdt' n into flname2.
    ASSIGN flname1 to <fs1> CASTING.
    ASSIGN flname2 to <fs2> CASTING.

    if NOT <fs1> < <fs2>.

      message e200 with 'Please enter in an ascending order'.



Now I need the value of Fieldname 1 to be assigned to FS1. Can you please help me in this regard asp.

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