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Jul 20, 2007 at 06:25 AM

CAP GEMINI Interview questions


Hi friends,

i having some imp questions, could u please answer for the following?

1. how to add F4 help to one field which already having F4 help by default from sap?

2. how to retrieve the data from two database tables into one internal table which are not having any common field in both tables, using only one select statement?

3. how to print page numbers in the script like 1(4), 2(4), 3(4), 4(4) in the pages of sap script?

4. how to validate bulk of fields from selection screen at a time?

5. events of selection screen?

6. what do u mean by table maintenance generator, what is the functionality and purpose of going for this?

7. exact functionality of initialization event?

8. Difference between into and corresponding fields options? which is prefarable on the basis of performance?

9. where do u do performace testing, is there any tool to test ur program?

10. how to copy script from one client to another copy?