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Convert.subString for multiple values in list

Jul 27, 2017 at 11:49 AM


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Hi all,
My requirement is to pass the selected values from the dimension filter to a webi report. but the substring of the selected values.

Ex. user selected values from the dimension filter are 123/345; 234/567,9088/123.
I must pass the values after slash-345;567;123

i am writing the below code to capture the values entered. and then finding the index of "/". then get the substring based on the index of the slash.

var Costcenter=DS_1.getFilterExt("0COSTCENTER");
var len =0;

len= Costcenter.indexOf("/");

Costcenter_1=Convert.subString(Costcenter, len+1);
However it is returning only the first value in the list.but not all.

how can i get all the values(value after slash for all the selected values)?


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