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NWDI Deploy Code in Test server not working FSCM-BD

Hello Colleague ,

We have recently setup NWDI for FSCM_BD , we were able to create track check in code into both DEV and Consolidation tab . There we no broken DC every thing was fine.

Then we check out code to our local desktop to NWDS and created some 50 activity and the same we have imported in Consolidation system and all the changes were tested and ready to move from Assembly tab to TEST system.

When we are assembling the software components we are able to assemble and move to test tab.


However , we are importing the changes in to QA system using TEST tab they are not reflecting the QA server . All the configurations in the Runtime system are correct. I have done where used list to test it is working as expected .

Below are the log from Assembly and Test tab


20170727044021 Info  :Starting Step Check-assembly at 2017-07-27 04:40:21.0195 -5:00
20170727044021 Info  :Checks for software component,FSCM_BD are performed now:
20170727044021 Info  :Checks for software component,FSCM_BD finished succesfully
20170727044021 Info  :Step Check-assembly ended with result 'success' at 2017-07-27 04:40:21.0451 -5:00


20170727044021 Info  :Starting Step Repository-export at 2017-07-27 04:40:21.0452 -5:00
20170727044021 Info  :Start export of sources
20170727044021 Info  :Component: Version :PND_FSCMBDD_C.20170727094020 is processed now.
20170727044021 Info  :1. PR is of type TCSSoftwareComponent
20170727044021 Info  :Start reading sources of SC,FSCM_BD from DTR
20170727044021 Detail :Loaded PropagationList '7ecc4021729711e78d3b00000af9b23a'.
20170727044021 Info  :PropagationList CMS_sap.com_FSCM_BD_91_df75bae03bb211e59df400000af9b23a added to export.
20170727044021 Info  :Include sources physically into archive.
20170727044021 Detail :start write
20170727044022 Detail :end writing (28963882 bytes)
20170727044022 Detail :workspacedata added: true
20170727044022 Info  :End reading workspacedata of SC,FSCM_BD from DTR
20170727044022 Detail :physical source included: true
20170727044022 Info  :Step Repository-export ended with result 'success' at 2017-07-27 04:40:22.0638 -5:00

CBS - Assembly

20170727044022 Info  :Starting Step CBS-assembly at 2017-07-27 04:40:22.0639 -5:00
20170727044022 Info  :Assembly mode: Without archives -nothing to be done here
20170727044022 Info  :Step CBS-assembly ended with result 'not needed' at 2017-07-27 04:40:22.0642 -5:00

20170727044022 Info   :Starting Step Export at 2017-07-27 04:40:22.0643 -5:0020170727044022 Info   :Export,FSCM_BD Version:PND_FSCMBDD_C.20170727094020.20170727044022 Detail :Saving data of PropagationRequest: to file system now.20170727044023 Info   :Export finished.20170727044023 Info   :Step Export ended with result 'success' at 2017-07-27 04:40:23.0532 -5:00 

Error that we are suspecting

Under logs if you observe for CBS-assembly

20170727044022 Info  :Assembly mode: Without archives -nothing to be done here

Assembly mode without archive ,will that be the reason for not being deployed.

PFB screenshot of my FSCM Component information that we have creted track.


We have selected sources and created the track, is that causing the error.

We have went though so many threads here in forum but all the solutions that they were referring are not applicable for us because all the configurations are according to the configuration except the above screenshot.

Please help me in solving this error so that we can move forward.

alert.png (8.4 kB)
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2 Answers

  • Jul 29, 2017 at 10:52 AM

    The assembly process packs the software component into an archive of the type “Software Component Archive (SCA).”

    Depending on which package type you chose for the software component when you configured the track, this archive contains:

    * either source code,

    * build and deploy archives,

    * or both.

    This is explained in this document:

    Package Types

    As you can then transport the archive into the test system or production system. This archive can also be shipped and imported into a follow-on track.

    About your impediment, as per your configuration settings, the source code should be deployed on the TEST AS Java RTS.

    What might be gone wrong:

    1. the deployment call did not get to the TEST RTS. Please check this in the deploy.x.trc and deploy.log files in the work directory as well as in the default trace


    2. in the assembly step, the option for including only pointer a the source code, but not the source code itself, has been set. It needs to be selected "Include Modifiable Sources in Archive"

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    Jul 31, 2017 at 07:06 AM

    Hello Milen,

    Thanks for your quick turn around..!

    Yes, we are using the same steps mentioned by you in the screenshot to assemble components , but still no luck.

    However , in the NWA logs or import logs we are not seeing any suspicious errors , and out RTS is also configured correctly i verified using landscape configuration.

    Is there some thing that i can verify in the system whether Deployment is triggering correctly in test system or not.



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    • Please check whether did the deployment indeed happen:

      * the deploy.x.trc and deploy.log files in the work directory (\usr\sap\<SID>\<central instance>\work)

      * as well as in the default trace (\\usr\sap\<JEE-SID>\<instance-name>\j2ee\cluster\server0\log)

      This has to be checked on the TEST RTS!