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Jul 19, 2007 at 07:18 PM

SAP.Web.Security.TicketException: MYSAP_INVALID


We recently updated our portal to the following:

J2EE Engine 6.40 PatchLevel 108290.313


Previously dll worked fine but now I get this exception

SAP.Web.Security.TicketException: MYSAP_INVALID

I have tried all the suggestions in this forum and nothing works. Does anyone have the orginal source code for this dll or a working solution ?

the following code does get the ticket if I remove the handler from the web.config.....

Dim cookieString As String = HttpUtility.UrlDecode((Request.Cookies("MYSAPSSO2").Value).Replace("!", "%2B"))

Dim ticket As SAP.Web.Security.MySapSso2Ticket = New SAP.Web.Security.MySapSso2Ticket("verify.pse", cookieString)

Dim objUsr As SAP.Web.Security.MySAPSso2Identity = New SAP.Web.Security.MySAPSso2Identity(ticket, cookieString)

so why does the handler fail ? driving me crazy.