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Jul 19, 2007 at 06:14 PM

New ODS using already in use LIS extractor



I've created a new ODS objct that makes use of the data from 2LIS_05_Q0ITEM. This datasource already runs as a delta into a delivered cube that has been in use for several months. After noting a full load infopackage only pulls the data from the last time the setup tables were rebuilt, I read several threads on the topic of the setup tables, full loads, delta queues, etc. And I think I understand most of it, but am worried about trying to rebuild the setup tables without re-initializing the existing cubes.

Here are my questions:

In order to populate a new ODS with LIS related data that is already in existing cubes, I understand the steps to be:

1) Run all delta extracts for the related LIS area (in my case, 05) twice to clear the delta queues

2) Delete and rebuild the setup tables in SBIW.

3) Run a full load into the new ODS.

4) Allow deltas to continue running as normal with the infopackage now set to include the new ODS as well as the existing targets.

Is that a complete set of the steps?

What are the risks?

Would it be better to clear all related inits (RSA7) and run new inits without data to reset the delta extract queues?

I believe this should work for all LIS extractors set up as "Queued Delta", would it matter if they are set to one of the other 2 options?

Thanks in Advance