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Decoding Bar Code In EWM

Jul 27, 2017 at 07:55 AM


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Hi All,

I have a specific requirement ,i need to decode the barcode before populating the data to the verification fields ex: product & batch our client receive 13 different formats of barcodes from his different vendors.each barcode having specific logic to read based on the application identifiers.I have written a function module to decode based on the application identifiers.

Now the requirement is how can i attach this function module so that when user scans the verification fields of the standard RF then the fields have to be populated accordingly & also need to have the standard RF scanning for the HU , Storage bin e.t.c.

Another requirement is when scanning single barcode i need to populate multiple fields how to achieve this can anyone help it's really urgent for me.

Interestingly i haven't found any document by SAP on this.

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2 Answers

Kasper Schenkeveld Jul 27, 2017 at 08:06 AM


Unfortunately I am unsure with regards to the function module you mention, however with regards to your second question:
In customize local layout options -> interactive design -> keyboard settings you can mark the setting to automatically move focus to next input field on reaching the end of input field. This also works when scanning a barcode if the contents of the barcode are setup correctly.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Kasper,

Thank you for reply ,

i forgot to add one more point in one of the custom screen i am able to achieve barcode with multiple field population but the issue is it triggered only when i hit on enter not automatically when the field is filled with data here is the example any help on this ?

Step1: I will enter the vendor & purchase order hit on enter

Step2: here i enter the data which will come when scan the barcode.

Step3: Now when i hit on enter the the barcode verification function module ( which i assigned in validation profile ) triggers and populate the values as below.

this population logic is triggered only when i hit on Enter But i want this to be triggered automatically when the data is passed to the field please tell me how to achieve this.

error1.jpg (13.0 kB)
error2.jpg (22.8 kB)
error3.jpg (23.3 kB)

In this case you would either have to change the screens so that the input fields have limited characters as per requirement, so that the following characters automatically jump to the next input field. Also make sure the barcodes contain nothing but the required entries in that case.

Another option would be to just default the enter that you now have to add manually. This can probably be done on the actual scanner itself, adding an enter after each scan.

Muruli Kesavinamane Srinivasa Jan 29 at 02:43 PM


We have similar requirement to read QR code and get details like Product #, Destination bin, Batch # etc. Example, we are planning to build a custom RF screen for Goods Receipt against IBD. User will scan the QR code once, and system needs to fill details like Product #, batch # etc in a screen.

Did you find any solution for your requirement

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