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Jul 19, 2007 at 02:12 PM

CRM user status in delta not extracted



In the delta load of datasource 0CRM_SRV_CONTRACT_H the custom added user status fields are not filled.

For extracting CRM (5.0) user statusses of Service Contract Business Transactions to BW (3.5) I did required CRM customizing in SBIW and appended extraction structure with fields and did Bdoc mapping in BWA5 (customizing CRM_BWA_MBDOC BAdI not required according SAP user status logic). The custom user status fields are defined as BWSTONE<i>xyz</i>.

Full load works fine, but in delta load the user status is not filled. It appears that the delta messages in the delta queue (RSA7) do not contain the user status, even when the delta is triggered by a user status change only.

Has anyone an idea what the problem can be? Or better: how to solve?

Thanks in advantage!

Kind regards,