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Former Member
Jul 19, 2007 at 01:38 PM

Error on Import of RFC?



I recently imported in XI an RFC from our BW system called "/BI0/QI6ASENDXMLDATATOBW_RFC". When I look at the RFC in the IR it has the name "/BI0/QI6ASENDXMLDATATOBW_RFC" which is fine. However the first element (highest element) as defined in the structure is called:

"_-BI0_-QI6ASENDXMLDATATOBW_RFC". In addition I have 2 fields in the RFC called "/BIC/BPONUMBER" and "/BIC/BPOLINE" which have been renamed in XI to "_-BIC_-BPONUMBER" and "_-BIC_-BPONUMBER" respectively. So basically when the data gets passed to BW's delta queue we lost the PO number and line number because BW doesn't recognize the tags. Has anyone seen this and does anyone know if there is a fix on it? Whenever I search SDN or OSS for the characters "/" or "_-" it ignores them and I haven't been able to find anything.