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Latest End - Deadline Monitoring does not trigger next task. Stays in Ready Status


We have setup a dummy task in our workflow to delay processing for 24 hours. I would expect after the deadline hits and RSWWDHEX runs the workitem should be processed. Except in our case the work item stays in a Ready status and does not process the workflow forward. It is stuck on the dummy task step.

I think the issue is with the deadline tab of the workitem. The action says: SWW_DI_CREATE, but I think it should be:


Setup in our system:

1. The dummy task has the Latest End setup with:

Refer Date/Time: Work Item Creation

Time Zone: %ZONLO% +24 Hours

Action: Display Text

2. RSWWDHEX is scheduled to run every 20 mins

the job finds result:

Report for Triggering Deadline Handling Statistics-> Task:WS90200006, Number of Deadlines:000002, Weight:000003 Info -> 0002 deadlines of 2 processed Monitoring -> Work Item:WS90200006-000005203475, Action:SWW_DI_CREATE, Duration (ms):102, Index:1 Monitoring -> Work Item:WS90200006-000005203492, Action:SWW_DI_CREATE, Duration (ms):7, Index:2 '2' entries have been edited

Is anyone familiar with what needs to happen so the workitem will move from "ready" status to "In process" ?

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    Jul 26, 2017 at 03:40 PM

    You're making this far too complicated :-)

    Action: Display text means send the user a notification, so nothing is going to happen to the WI.

    There's also no need for a dummy step to just delay execution. Just go to the requested start tab of the step you want to delay and enter +24h as you described above. Try it with 30 mins first to test.

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