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Jul 19, 2007 at 01:15 PM

Handling processing control in HAP_DOCUMENT using a pop-up


I have run into a dilemna that I hope you can help me with. We are updating a copy of HAP_DOCUMENT to create a pop-up window when the evaluate button is hit in the MMS Performance Appraisals. This button will have options to allow the manager to copy goals and development actions from the prior year into the current year.

My pop-up is a separate page named document_popup_copy.htm. I open the page in page fragment document.buttons.htm, when the 'START' button is clicked. The pop-up contains two checkboxes, and an input date for a an e-mail to be sent to the employee. The document_redirect.htm screen is updating when I hit the button. Is there a way to keep that program from updating until I have hit the 'OK' button in my pop-up. The code

         application->navigation = navigation.
                               request       = runtime->server->request
                               event_handler = application
                               page_context  = page_context

runs when I hit the 'START' button. One of the buttons on my pop-up is a cancel, where the manager has the option to cancel the operation, and the process should not move on to the next status.

I tried putting the above code in my pop-up, but it won't update. How can I control the updating from my pop-up?