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Jul 19, 2007 at 12:31 PM

Setting up Lighthammer to connect to Rockwell software...


Hi. I'm trying to set up Lighthammer UDSs to connect SAP xMII to Rockwell software - namely, RSLinx (PLC<->PC connection manager) and RSView (SCADA software). Both packages provide an OPC server which works flawlessly with any OPC client i've tested them against.

My issues were:

- RSLinx: Version 2.20.01 starts an OPC UDS correctly, and the UDS admin allows to select tags to export to xMII. Trying to access these tags from xMII with a dataserver fails with a "COM error". works flawlesly though.

- RSView: I tried both the OPC connector and the dedicated RSView connector (with version 6.50.07) and neither works correctly, failing directly when trying to select tags in UDS admin.

I've battled endlessly with the available configuration options for each connector with little to no sucess. The logs provided by xMII provided little help, with these COM errors propagated between Java classes. Trying to conect xMII to other OPC servers works perfectly, which baffles me.

I'm running out of options here. The only sucess i had was updating RSLinx to a newer version, and this is not always an option when deploying xMII with new clients. Has anyone had similar issues with these programs? Thanks.