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Jul 19, 2007 at 11:43 AM

ESS mixed up users & ESS <user> not existing in this period


Hi all

I really hope you can help me in one way or an other. I am still quite new to SAP and SDN so have a bit leniency 😊

At my company we have two demo system here and my job is right now to implement the ESS scenario. We have on the one side a EP 7.0 SP 09 and and on the other side an ERP 2005.

There have been allready the needed Business Packages for the ESS scenario deployed.

My job is right now to implement the ESS scenario between the EP and the ERP.

But I got nearly the same problems. Every time i am going to test some ESS- iViews, for example:

ESS->working time->leave request (iview)

or ESS->employee search ->change own data (iView)

the following Massage appears:

"User MISTRY does not exist in this period"

<b>And now something really wired!</b>

I am <b>logging into the system with the user "stefan"</b> (which is has the super admin role) <b>but the user wihch is reffered in this message is an user from another admin</b> (also super admin, but he was the person who deployed the Business Packages).

So now i don't get further... i searched already on SDN and , i found a JDI /NWDI Cook book...but all of these doesn't really help me out...

BTW: is that the ESS cook book you were talking about?

Perhaps one of You allready knows a solution or another purchase (starting point) i could investigate ...

Thanks very much for your efforts !!!

Kind and best regards