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Jul 19, 2007 at 10:40 AM

Table & Structure (Urgent)


Hi All,

I read one of the posts on this issue & have some understanding of what Structure is. I would like to know can i join a structure & a table? Find below the steps followed by me

1. Created an infoset, in the initial dialog box, the data source tab section, i selected 'data retrieval by program' & in the Data stucture field, entered the structure name.

2. I then added the table into my infoset, through the Extras tab. The system automatically proposed the join conditions between the table & structure.

3. I saved the infoset & asked for generation, but it gave an error saying 'Commentary <Query_head> or <Query_body> is missing'. I am not able to figure out what to do.

My requirement - To join the table MARD with Structure MDPS, so that i can have a query where i can enter the material number & plant number & view if a purchase requisition has been firmed or not (Field - FIX01).

I hope my problem is clear, await your inputs.