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OBYA - Transaction

<b></b> hi .

Please can you help me out the transaction OBYA Uses and configuration

pl give me some real time scanario for intercompany..can i get any documentation .

I am not understanding the transaction BUV, Debit , Credit posting and Post in & Cleared against .


Thanks & regards


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    Posted on Jul 19, 2007 at 10:14 AM

    The PK's are standard, 40 & 50, however what you need to do is to assign GL accounts for the i/c a/c docs. You can put a different one for a debit or credit and different ones per Company Code.

    In terms of BUV, you can change that, it is the transaction type.

    Hope this helps.

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      <b></b> Hi ,

      Thanks lot.

      Pl make me comfortable bit..I am MM consultant..I am putting effort in Fi part also to me out to grow better.

      1. Posting In & Cleared against - What does it mean ?

      2.Transaction : BUV i am nt able to chane it OBYA screen ? where to change it.

      3.After step this OBYA - for Inetcompany , Can you please let me know where it is refelect.Where i have to enter this transaction.Is it in Invoice tx or else?

      4.U mean that G/L account ?

      5.Can i get any documentation about this.

      Thanks in advance



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    Posted on Jul 19, 2007 at 10:17 AM

    Hello S Kumar,

    In tranaction code OBYA you define the accounts for the clearing entries the system makes when posting cross-company code transactions. These clearing entries represent the receivables and payables between company

    codes which result from central purchasing or payment.

    You can specify G/L accounts as well as customer and vendor accounts for

    clearing between company codes.


    Cross-company code postings occur when purchasing or payment is made centrally for several company codes. They can also occur if one of the

    company codes in the corporate group is a manufacturer and another is a

    merchandiser. If, in this case, the manufacturer's products are sold to

    the merchandiser first and then to customers, items are posted across

    company codes, that is, between the "merchandising" company code and the "manufacturing" company code. The system creates two documents for these transactions; one for each company code.

    Customers sometimes make payment to the wrong company in a group of affiliated companies. You can use cross-company code entry to minimize

    the number of entries for posting this payment. In doing so, you debit

    your bank account (company code 1) and credit the customer account

    (company code 2), and the system automatically generates clearing

    entries between both company codes.

    Please note that if the company code for which you are posting these items is an external one, then you can specify only G/L accounts as the clearing accounts. Note

    The company codes involved must be part of a single legal entity for tax

    purposes if you are posting invoices to which each of the following

    points apply:

    o The receivables or payables are posted in a different company code

    from the one in which the revenue or expenses (costs) are posted.

    o The business transaction is relevant to taxes.

    If a single legal entity exists for tax purposes, then only one of the

    company codes creates the advance tax return for every company code

    involved in the cross-company code postings.

    Configuration Settings:

    1. Enter the account numbers for the clearing entries for every company

    code pair that carries out purchasing or payment together.


    The required posting keys are already defined in the standard

    system. To display them, choose Goto -> Posting keys from the

    initial screen of the clearing accounts.

    2. Make sure that the accounts have been created.

    3. For cross-company code payment, you must also specify which company

    codes pay together.

    Hope this helps, please assign points.



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    Posted on Jul 19, 2007 at 10:29 AM


    OBYA - Intercompany posting purpose, we will use.

    If we consider 3 company codes, 2 company codes are buying and 3rd company code is making payment. Then, payment related document we have to charge to 3rd company code by 1st and 2nd company code. Then, it will generate document in document generated company code and 3rd company code also.

    In the configuration, we have to create same number gl account in two company codes. we have to assign gl account of company code 1 into company code 2 and vice versa.

    While generating document time, you have to give other company code under New company code tab.

    If u follow the logic, you will definitely success the same.

    If u feel, it is correct, award points.


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