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Former Member
Jul 19, 2007 at 09:44 AM

Dynamic Components and Dynamic Views


Hi All.

I just started learning WD4A a couple of months back, and have immediately been faced with, what seems to be, a daunting task.

We have to make an application which will embed components (and their views) dynamically into the main (calling component). The no. of components to be inserted is absolutely dynamic and is fetched from the custom table.

To elaborate, let's say there is a sales order creation form.

This form is empty initially. There are various components - like Vendor master, items data, address data, customer data, bill data etc.

To further complicate, what components will be shown vary from country to country. So it is all maintained in a customizing table.

How to achieve something like this?

Please give your valuable advice.

Thanks in adv.