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Jul 19, 2007 at 06:21 AM

error deploying an ISA app.


I'm trying to deploy an .ear package with a new ISA applikation but when the package is validated I get an error message.

I've searched Google with the message and found aiiafjmsproviderlibsda-deployment-error and it is the same error.

I've downloaded and checked a SAP package and it has the same structure as my package and I can't find what the problem is.

Could anybody give any pointers on what the problem might be?

I'm deploying the package with SDM

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1) Error loading archive 
    (server side name is: M:usrsapPC1DVEBMGS01SDMprograminBoxsamhall.ear) The information about the development component 
found in the SDA M:usrsapPC1DVEBMGS01SDMprograminBoxsamhall.ear is either missing or incomplete!
Manifest attributes are missing or have badly formatted value:
attribute keylocation is missing
attribute keyname is missing
attribute keyvendor is missing
attribute keycounter is missing