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Jul 19, 2007 at 03:43 AM

confued about operation mapping


In XI7.10, each service interface can have multiple operations, for example: the service interface PurchaseOrderProcessingOrderingOut in namespace and Software Component Version SAP AP 7.10 has three operations:

RequestPurchaseOrderCancellation, RequestPurchaseOrderChange and RequestPurchaseOrderCreation. Each opeartion has different message types.

Now I have three operation mappings for each operation, let's name them A, B and C.

I have an interface determination. The sender business system is xxx_bs, the sender interface is PurchaseOrderProcessingOrderingOut, the receiver business system is yyyy_bs. In this interface determination, I choose operation mapping A for the operation RequestPurchaseOrderCancellation, operation mapping B for the operation RequestPurchaseOrderChange, and operation mapping C for the operation RequestPurchaseOrderCreation.

Now the problem is: in the XI-SOAP envelope, there is only information about sender service: xxx_bs, sender interface: PurchaseOrderProcessingOrderingOut and its namespace. How can XI know the operation is RequestPurchaseOrderCancellation, or RequestPurchaseOrderChange or RequestPurchaseOrderCreation, and then determines which opeartion mapping to use in the Interface Determination step.

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