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Jul 18, 2007 at 09:18 PM

Custom Reports - PLD


Hello All,

I have some general questions about reports.

I want to create a packing list report that only shows the sales bom and not the components of the item. The base packing list reports all show the components. I made a copy of one of them, however there is no way (that I can figure out) to show only the sales bom items. (these would have a tree-type of S or a base line of 0 in delivery:rows) The PLD does not offer any run-time visiblity control. It seems I need to control the data in the dataset. This brings me to my questions.

1.) Can I control the default dataset retrieved when I chose to print a delivery document? (Just a simple filter would awesome - it could work just like the sort) I assume no, cuz' the delivery doc data is already there. the report is only formatting the data.

2.) Can I assign a user-defined report for the document type when printing? In reviewing the document types, although USRT is available, USRP is not. It would seem that I cannot.

Has anyone ran across this need in the past - for any report not just delivery? I believe now that I have one option.

1.) Create a custom report. Require the user to save the delivery doc and then go run the custom report. Not especially user friendly - in fact ugly.

thanks to any and all that may contribute.