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Jul 18, 2007 at 08:14 PM

Pcard Statement Processing


We currently have PCard processing implemented on BBPCRM 4.0.

We are moving to SRM on 5.5 Server.

The present processing of PCard statement is quite cumbersome and we would like to evaluate different options. Current processÂ…

- Manually access PCard provider's web-site

- Extract current month's procurement card transactions.

- The data is massaged and put into a .txt format file.

- File is placed on to an ftp server.

- A batch program is setup in B2B to pick up the file on the ftp server

- File is converted into the PCard IDOC BBP_PCSTAT01 structure

(using IDOC_INPUT_BBP_PCSTAT function module

(as well as generates the invoice IDOC with associated FI invoice in R/3)

Processing monthly statements and testing is an administrative nightmare trying to line up appropriate data in the text file.

Also, we currently only create one document for the entire month's file.

So the 1 document consists of multiple lines for the multiple PCard #'s and multiple transactions.

I would be interested in how others process the PCard Statements from their PCard Providers.

- How they receive data from the Pcard provider.

- How they bring it into their system

- If they process one document for a statement, 1/PCard# or 1/Pcard transaction.

- And any additional information that may assist us in this process.

Thank you!

Heather Keating / Capgemini / Toronto

SAP Module Expert / New Horizon System Solutions

Office: +1 416 207 6446 /

800 Kipling Ave, Etobicoke, ON, M8Z 5S4