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Jul 18, 2007 at 06:00 PM

Extraction of data from Structures


I find this problem a little difficult to explain, so please hold on to you patience while you try to understand this.

I am trying to build a BSP application which aims at getting data from a Web service. So I'm providing USERNAME as input to a proxy structure called "input" and receiving output through another proxy structure "output". The problem is that I cannot directly display the output fields using statements like:

<%=output-field_name.%> in the layout area of the result page beacuse the strucutre of "output" is complex and contains another structure within it called "sites", inside which is another table "item" which contains the 2 fields KUNNR and NAME1 whose values I am trying to display to the user on the result page.

So its basically: Output >sites >item-->KUNNR and NAME1.

I need help to figure out a way to print out values of KUNNR and NAME1. Can someone please help me with this???

Thank you for your time!!