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Jul 18, 2007 at 04:35 PM

Dynamic action set up retire date on 0041


Hi all,

I met this problem: the field value I set through dynamic action in 0041 is not showing on the screen of this infotype on hire action, although in DB table the fields hold value.

During Hire action, after IT0000 is save, automatically there will be one record created in IT0041, field DAR01 = '01' hire date, field DAT01 = P0000-BEGDA.

And in the following infotype 0002, when the birth date is saved, using dynamic action, I will call a subroutine to calculate the retire date and then update IT0041, field DAR02 = 'Z1' retire date, field DAT02 = retire_date.

If I check the DB table pa0041, both work. All the fields are updated, and the retire date is correctly set.

But the problem is, still in this hiring action, when it reaches the 0041 infotype, on the screen, only the hire date is showing, the retire date is not showing on field DAT02, even the DAR02 is blank.

Is there any one has some idea on this point?