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Jul 18, 2007 at 03:40 PM

Purchasing Info Record Conditions


I am looking for a solution to either how many conditions are displayed for validity periods or a way to delete just old conditions on info. records. We are on version 3.1 (I know we are behind, ha). We have several info. records that have more than 10 conditions (price changes) and in display mode (transaction ME13) when you select 'conditions' the validity period pop-up only displays 10 rows which are the 10 oldest and there are 12 conditions rows so the most recent and the one prior are not displayed. You can select one of them and then from the window select 'validity' and then see all 12 condition rows. But from here you can not selection say the most recent. You have to be in change mode to select any row past the 10 displayed. I was wondering if there is some setting somewhere that I am not finding to either increase the 10 row display or a way to archive/delete off old condition records so we can stay within the 10 row display.

Thanks, K.