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Jul 18, 2007 at 02:26 PM

Transporting table entry with primary key > 120 char


Hi all,

I have 2 separate questions which I feel are closely related.

In the url:

It says:....

<i>If the key length is greater than 120, there are restrictions when transporting table entries. The key can only be specified up to a maximum of 120 places in a transport. If the key is larger than 120, table entries must be transported generically.</i>

<b>How do I transport the table entries "generically" for such a table?</b>

To further illustrate my actual problem:

My problem in the real world lies with the MIMETYPES table, maintained in trx SMW0.

I select the mime types row by row and do a <u>Table Entry > Transport Entries,</u> but get an error that says

<i>"Key entry for table MIMETYPES may only be generic"</i>.

As a result it fails to attach to my transport.

(Note: the primary key of MIMETYPES is 128 chars long)

The Diagnosis long text says "<i>The key is longer than allowed by the Change and Transport System (120 characters</i>)."

The Procedure says:

<i>1. Make sure that you only specify the character fields before the

first non-character key field. You must enter the key with a generic

ending. Enter the generic symbol directly after the specified part

of the key.

2. You must enter the generic symbol at the latest in the 120th

character of the key. </i>

<b>What is this generic symbol that i need to insert at the 120th position??</b>

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