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Jul 18, 2007 at 01:33 PM

How to combine multiple MailAttachement-x payload to One -Help Please ?


Hi Friends ,

In my scenario My Mail sender Adapter reading attachment . It works fine for 1 attachement but <b>if more than</b> one comes<b> It is reading all</b> attachements <b>but it is converting the First attachement only to XML format </b> , rest of files are left as it is.

Can you please tell me how to combine all the Mailattachements and then covert into XML ?

In our Mail Sender configurations , I am giving parameters for MessageTransFormBean like

xml.documentName - MT_Row

xml.documentNameSpace - http://com.test

xml.fieldNames - Details

xml.fieldSeparator - ' \n'

xml.ProcessFieldNames - FromConfiguration

In PayLoadSwapBean

i am giving propertieslike Content-Description , Content-Disposition , attachement;filename="MailAttchement-1.txt" and all other configuration i am giving.

I am not clear as if will it WorkFor Multiple attachement ? I can understand as it wil work for Only one attachement . But if i can get multiple attachemnt 1 with proper XML conversion ( our DataType ) , rest of files are with out XML

conversion . How can i process those files also as XML converted ?

Expecting your reply asap !

Regards .,