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Jul 18, 2007 at 12:50 PM

What happens when we connect to SAP?


I have a couple of questions here,

1. When we connect to sap giving our SAP User-ID and Pwd, it checks whether this is valid in the Database. But what exactly happens afterwards when we access the DB, does the access to DB happen through my Id or through SAPR3? I guess whenever it tries to access DB, it uses SAPR3. Please Confirm.

If someone can get me the whole process flow I would be really grateful.

2. When we see the log of R3trans -d, we see that it first connects to the DB using OPS$ user to get the SAPR3 password. Once it gets it, all operations are done through SAPR3. My question here is How does it know that OPS$ user has to be used to get SAPR3 password? Is there any settings.

3.I understand SAPREORG directory is used for reorganization. Can someone tell me its exact use.

Waiting for replies.