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Jul 26, 2017 at 07:24 AM

Screen Created under Function Group ,It exists But not display may i know why.



I was created a screen as per the note, the note suggested me to Open function group in se80 then create a screen.(screen is sub screen) I done it.

Now the Request moved to Quality.
here i opened function group. but screen number 105 is not displaying under this function group.I was thought the screen was not created.

But in quality i just try to create. (this is not correct in quality but just trying).
It is saying, it already exists.
Now i open the se51 then given the program and screen number
It exists. May i know why screen is not exists in quality under the function group.
program package is same.Any suggestions.What is the mistake i did.


doesnotexist.png (28.1 kB)