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Jul 26, 2017 at 04:33 AM

If HANA is implemented as a side car/ main car/ S4 Hana changes from coder's perspective.


Hi experts,

I have few questions which many people have and were unable to find detailed answers to. Please provide some answer for the developers and HANA modelers

If HANA is implemented as a side car/ main car/ S4 HANA


a) What will happen to all existing business logic and reports,smartforms, BAPI, BADI written in ABAP. Will it be redundant?

b) how will be new development after HANA be like. will it be ABAP developer's friendly or Java developer's friendly?

2) What scope will Java developers have when HANA is implemented. can core business logic be written in Java? or JAVA will be used only for UI enhancement?

3)After HANA implementation will ABAP developers still continue to work as before or JAVA developers can take up their work. if so what type of work Java coders can do except UI enhancement.

4) What will be the role of HANA application consultant and will existing logic be moved to calculation view and code re written for the same.

5) BW on HANA vs HANA application consultant. What will be the difference between the two in terms of work they will do

Please explain this in detail.

thanks in advance.