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How to differentiate golden record and interactions in relation to HY users?

Dear experts,

I'm dealing with business roles and I'm quite confused about their usage.

Suppose that I have a brand A which has two sub-brand B and C. I have my Hybris Marketing Instance on which I want to upload my customers.

Actually I have customers belonging to sub-brand B and customers belonging to sub-brand C and customers who belong to both of them. I want that my employee of sub-brand B can view only customers from sub-brand B and the same should happen for sub-brand C.

It would be easier if I have two different DB and thus two different Hybris Marketing, but I want to have a complete view of my customers.

E-Mail address must not shereable.

Here my questions:

1) Do I have to "copy" my whole schema, having "two golden record" for each customer?

2) Do I have to create business roles? How does it work?

3) Is it only matter of views?


Maria Cristina

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2 Answers

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    Jul 27, 2017 at 12:40 PM

    Hi Cristina,

    as answered in the question it is currently only possible to segregate contact data based on the authorization object for the country of the contact. However, it is planned to introduce a second possibility by means of the marketing area. If you define for your brands different marketing areas and specify the business roles accordingly, you will be able to achieve the required segregation.

    Kind Regards,
    Josef Ehbauer
    Hybris Marketing

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  • Jul 28, 2017 at 04:41 PM

    Hi Maria Cristina,

    in addition to what Josef has already replied, it should be mentioned that it would not be so easy to have two golden records. In cloud, this would not be possible at all, in OnPremise, you would have to change different parts of the coding, e. g. the coding that is used to determine whether an Inbound Interaction matches to an existing contact or not. The idea of the golden record is to only have ONE best record, already implied by the name "best" ;-) From 1711, contacts can belong to different Mkt areas, and so can interactions. So you can have one best record, but interactions from different areas. You can cat your roles in a way the role A can only see interactions from brand B, role B can see all interaction from brand C and another role can see both. Depending on which are the contact is assigned to, roles A, B and C would be able to see the best record or not. If you have further questions, just let me know.

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    • Well, Marketing Permissions will also support Marketing Area, i. e. when the permission for email belongs only to brand A, this address could not be considered when contacting the contact in brand B.

      Regarding the second use case, this is more difficult. A contact can belong to different brands, an interaction always to one. If a user or role has access to a brand that is assigned to a certain contact, the user would be able to see the best record as well as all interactions for that brand. If the user would have access to brands C and D, he would see the best record and interactions for C and D. But he/she can not differentiate where the data in the best record came from, as interactions should not contain any personal / contact data.

      Actually the data in the best record did not come by interaction but maybe by CSV upload, replication or OData. So this is master data. It is the goal of the best record to provide the best view on the contact, so it contains the best and most complete data. If you know that a contact in brand D is Max Mustermann, why not use that information, depending on where it comes from?

      If you need a complete / physical segregation of brands, you need to use different clients / licenses.