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Jul 18, 2007 at 08:57 AM

Regarding stock transfer in snp apo


Hi apo gurus

I have a question. I have one Distribution Channel and 2 plantsX and Y.Both 2 plants are far away from D.C.I have no stock in DC. so it trigger Material requirement for stock transfer from DC to plants. X plant has no stock availabilty, but capacity is available. Y plant has stock , but 2cases Here one is partial quantiy available, 2 is full quatity available

Now my question is ,from which plant, stock is transferred to D.C .

1) would X plant will trigger production because of capcity availability


2) Y plant will suply partial quantity and after that it will trigger production order for Remaining Quantity.

3) Y plant will supply all the quantiy as per case 2

Please clarify my doubt