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how to copy all values of a valueMapping table in text file ?

how can i copy all values of a valueMapping table in the integration directory in a text file

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2 Answers

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    Jul 18, 2007 at 08:21 AM

    Hi Sudeep,

    Value Mapping means, Source elments sends the one data but depeding on that value we need to pass the different value to the target.

    Example Like , When you get the Country Code from source elements but we need to pass the respective currency to the target elements. For this we will maintain the table in the mapping using Fix Value standard functions.

    in that table we will put the following information

    Country Code (Key) Currency(Value)

    US USD

    CA CAD

    NL EUR

    In the above table the source element gives the cournty code but we are passing the respective cureency to the target element.

    We can use for these kind of things in 2 ways. One is FixValue mapping and another one is Value Mapping.

    The above i explained you is FixValue mapping

    Another one is Value mapping , It is also the same kind of thing. But here We will write the program to pick the values in ABAP it will excuted and get the values dynamically instead of hardcoding the values.

    First one is Values can be hardcoded

    Second one is Values can be picked by excuting the report and get the updated value. But it takes so much performacnce . Thats why it is obsolated. Very rarely used

    I hoep this is clear. Right???

    When come to your query that, If you are doing Value mapping there there is some program which supplies information to your value table. Just go to that table then you can get to know the information and can be downloded. If it is Fix values then you can't copy them from the IR. But you can do other way like in the Mapping source code you can see those values just copy that part.

    I am showing my messages as follows:

    /MAG45PO/Envelope/PurchaseOrder/OrderHeader/DeliveryTo/@Number=iF(FixValues([table=<b>[COBO]:[007][COB1]:[008][COB2]:[001][COB3]:[011][COB5]:[010][COB6]:[012][M900]:[007][M901]:[008][M902]:[001][M903]:[011][M905]:[010][M906]:[012][__default]:[001]]</b>mapWithDefault([default_value=]/ORDERS05/IDOC/E1EDP01/LGORT=)), not(stringEquals(/ORDERS05/IDOC/E1EDP01/LGORT=, const([value=]))), iF(FixValues([table=<b>[302570]:[013][305200]:[011][305260]:[010][305300]:[008][305400]:[006][305670]:[009][305701]:[001][305702]:[002][305703]:[003][305704]:[004][305705]:[005][305720]:[007][305730]:[007][305800]:[012][__default]:[001]]</b>substring([start=0, count=6]/ORDERS05/IDOC/E1EDP01/E1EDP02/BELNR=)), stringEquals(/ORDERS05/IDOC/E1EDP01/E1EDP02/QUALF=, const([value=64])), const([value=001])))

    I hope i try to make you clear your query.

    Warm Regards,


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    Jul 18, 2007 at 07:03 AM

    Hi Sudeep

    what ever value maping u do that is in IR , but it's stored in a table in ID . I think

    you export from ID, that generate TPZ format file , from there you can try to manage TPZ-Excel ...

    i think so ....

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