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Jul 18, 2007 at 12:52 AM

How to extract Journal entries made in Finance


Hi Experts,

                  • Long Question **********************

                  I have an issue and I would like some suggestion from SD-FI Experts. I have a requirement where my customer is looking to create a report with all the defered payment for all the invoices between two dates. They want to use the total deferred payment. But at times (most times) some users use journal entries to update against the invoice amount and partially some could have been adjusted using manual journal entries. This company is extracting data from SD and GLPCA only.

                  Using SD or GLPCA I am not able to show the accurate differed payment and it won't tie to R3 when they try to match the amounts. But if I know a way to extract journal entry (filtering Differed payment account) I may be able to use those amounts in conjunction with Billing and GLPCA transaction. Does anyone know how I can extract journal entry data?.

                  Any standard extractors or even the base tables which I can use for Generic extractor to accomplish the task.

                  Your advice is appreciated.