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Former Member
Jul 17, 2007 at 11:08 PM

Partial data loading from DSO to Cube


Hi all,

I am experiencing an issue where certain data from my DSO is not updating to my InfoCube. I am using a delta DTP and it does not contain any filters. My transformation is straight-forward and the only non-direct assignment is a formula that adds the debit and credit amounts together.

The various combinations of profit center, G/L account, etc. are present in my cube, but only some of the lines that are present in the DSO are being transferred (i.e. amount field is summarizing only certain lines of the DSO).

It almost seems like not all of the data in the DSO is being activated or the DTP is not picking up all of the lines from the DSO. I have used delta DTPs between DSOs and cubes before and have never experienced this type of issue. Any thoughts???