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Jul 17, 2007 at 07:19 PM

Quick questions about namespace



I am a SAP newbie.

I know that one should always copy or delta-link content provided by SAP into one's own namespace if one wants to edit SAP content.

1) If FolderA is in a particular namespace, do objects (workset, pages, iView, folders) in FolderA automatically inherit the same namespace? For example, if FolderA is in SAP protected namespace, does that mean that I should not edit the content within FolderA as they are also in SAP namespace as well?

2) An object is in a particular namespace. If I copy or delta-link it to some place else, does the copied/delta-linked object inherit the same namespace as the object? If so, it would mean that I would have to change the namespace prefix of this delta-linked/copied object if the original object is in SAP namespace?

3) A workset and all of its pages/iViews all have namespacePrefixA. If I copy the workset elsewhere and change its namespace prefix, does the pages and iViews that were copied along with it inherit the change as well? Or do I have to change the namespace of each page/iView individually?

For example, if I copy a workset in SAP namespace (its pages/iViews are also in SAP namespace) and then change the copied workset to my namespace. If the pages/iViews do not inherit this change, does that mean I have to copy all of the pages/iView contained in this workset and change all their namespaces manually?


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