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Jul 17, 2007 at 06:55 PM



hi friends,

i have a few questions about idocs generation .ie. i docs used while in tranferring data by ale/edi. after having read a little documentation about idocs. i am putting down the steps here and the tcodes for the steps before i pose the question. this is what i have read ,

<outbound side>

1) bd64 creating logical system

2) scc4 assigning LS to client

3)we31 create segment

4) we30 create idoc type

5)we81 create message type

6) we82 link message type to idoc type

7)sm59 create rfc

8)we21create port

8.1) bd51 function module registration

8.2)we57 link between message type , idoc type and function module.

8.3)we41 create outbound process code

9)we20 create partner profiles

10)bd64 create customer distribution model

11)we02 check idocs

12)se38 run rbdmoind program

13)we02 check idocs again

<inbound side>

14)we31 create segments again

15)we30 create idoc again

16)we81 create message type again

17)we82 link message type to idoc type again

18)we42 display inbound process code, see the function module, etc etc see the import tab, export tab, tables tab etc etc

19)se91 message maintenance

20)bd51 function module registration again

21)we57 link between message type , idoc type and function module. again

22) we42 create outbound process code

23)we20 createpartner profiles again

<goto outbound side>

24)se38 run rbdmoind program again

25) we02 check idocs again (confirm that the idoc has been sent or not)

<goto inbound side>

26) we02 check the idoc(confirm that the idoc has been recieved yet or not)

27)se38 here we can go and see the respective database table and check whether it the database table has been updated with the idoc record or not.

now friends my questions are as follows:

1) at what step with what transaction code is the idoc generated, i am still wondering which step is it. is it the program RBDMIDOC or RBDMOIND that is executed and it creates an idoc or is it some other step or tcode doing the job?

2)after the idocs are generated which step or tcode helps it to transfer?

3)when i goto we02 in outbound side to check the idocs status shows green with nummber 03 . green means is the idoc still in the outbound side in the outbox, or does it mean it has been transferred?

4)we check idocs with we02 immediately after the step "create partner profile" why? is it to see that the idocs have been created or not? if yes whether they have gone to the outbox or not?

5) then we run the program RBDMOIND in Se38 .. is it send the idocs which is there in the outbox to the recieving system

friends i beg your pardon if my questions feel like pretty big but i tried to post expecting that you guys wil probably help me out , as i have seen a tremendous response from this forum earlier too. please try to reply to each of these questions individually

the above steps which i wrote were from two tutorial files that i have with all the screenshots. if anybody wants to have those i can surely forward them.

my email is :