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Former Member
Jul 17, 2007 at 02:35 PM

IC screen colors from portal


When the IC is launched from the EP 6.0 portal the IC screens are a

white on blue background with CRM 4.0 SP09. (easier on the eye)

ISSUE: Our CRM dev & Test system is upgraded to SP12 but the IC screens

now show as white on white background which is not as pleasing to the


With both SP09 & SP12, lauching the IC from t-code SE80 CRM_IC would

produce the white on white screens. But launching from the 6.0 portal

would allow a white on blue screen.


- 6.0 portal = white on blue

- launched from SE80 CRM_IC = white on white


- 6.0 portal = white on white

- launched form SE80 CRM_IC = white on white.

Anybody provide guidance on how to control the color.