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Former Member
Jul 17, 2007 at 11:18 AM

saploc shared in Netweaver 2004s SR2


I have performed a new installation NetWeaver 2004s SR2, the ASCS create saploc and sapmnt shared folder. I've installed a HA system so the sapmnt and saploc shared are created in the cluster. Until this point all is fine.

I have already installed the CI and Dialog instances, one of each cluster node, and they was running.

In the cluster node where the ASCS is running the Local installation (CI o DI) lose the saploc shared resource, and that resource is not recreate when you perform a failover. While the CI or DI were not stopped there is not issue but one the service is stopped it can not be started because the saploc resource do not exist.

My question is, how this architecture can work without problem? probably the saploc share from the cluster can be delete? saploc in a cluster is used for anything??? I think that only the sapmnt is used but I don't not find any documentation that confirm that.

Any help on this will be appreciated