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accounting document generated by 453 should pick up sale order price

Dear All,

The scenario is related to customer return. I am doing a return sale order and then doing 651 to block stock and then a 453 to unrestricted stock. accounting entry is generating while doing 453. But i want the price of sale order to pick up rather than the standard price or map. The pricing in billing as also correct. EX: my standard price is 6000. MY price in S/O and billing is 8000. So i want the accounting entry to be

stock of sfg produced - 8000 debit

cogs - 8000 credit

can it be achievable by making customization in movement type 453 ?



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2 Answers

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    Jul 26, 2017 at 11:39 AM

    no you can't achieve your goal with customization of movement type 453, as its design follows a different practice.

    You would need to post your return directly into your own stock, without going through the step of 453

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  • Jul 26, 2017 at 12:14 PM

    Hello Jurgen,

    I tried using 653 to move my stock directly into the unrestricted. Its still generated the entry of debit/ credit 6000 rather than 8000 which is what my client wants.

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    • At least you are closer with this process to do manipulations. with 453 is this not possible as you have no relation to a sales document anymore.

      From my point of view is your process wrong. Why are the goods more worth now than when you have sold them?

      You actually want to include your sales margin into your inventory costs now, this can't be correct.

      if your standard price is 6000 and you sold it for 8000 then you made 2000 profit.

      If you get it back then you issue a credit note, under the same circumstances.

      8000 credit to the customer, 6000 into inventor, 2000 reduction of your profit.

      And also if you would get your will, it would just end the same way with a difference account.

      If a material is standard price valuated, then this is the price that is used to create stock, any different price goes to a difference account.