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Jul 26, 2017 at 10:36 AM

Binary parameters to OData calls from within SAPUI5


I am implementing a Function Import call from within a SAPUI5 project and am trying to send a compressed and encoded string (i.e. a binary file) as part of the parameters to this function import:

oDataModel.callFunction("/myFunctionImport", {

method: "POST",

urlParameters: {

SubmissionID: 1,

JSONzip: sBase64Data


success: function (oData, oResponse) {

// ...


error: function (oError) {

// ... }


where "sBase64Data" is the compressed and encoded JSON string. The gateway is correctly set up so that the parameter types to the Function Import as set as an Int32 and a binary file, respectively.

I keep getting a "Malformed URI literal syntax" error when I run this code. Any ideas of how I can directly send a binary call through to a function import?