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Jul 26, 2017 at 09:54 AM

Report to Report interface Calling VF03 from Bex Report


Hi All,

I have a similar requirement as mentioned in the below thread .

I need inputs on the below points :

1. The user needs to display Billing Document in VF03 in PDF format .

2. Right now , I am facing the below Error while performing the Goto Functionality .

An error occurred with the report to report interface during the jump Message Number BRAIN 192

3. The Assignment details in 'RSBBS' tcode are as follows :

Target System - Corresponding source system for BI system

Report Type- Transaction

Report - Receiver Object - VF03

Transformation - Transformation technical name from Datasource to BI Flow

In the Assignmnet Details following are the inputs provided :

Sender Infoobject - Billing Document

Field name : VBELN

Type : Table Field

Selection : Single

Data Element : VBELN_VF

Domain : VBELN

Set/GET Paramater : VBELN
For Rest of the fields , the Type is Set to 'Delete'

Need to verify if these parameters are correct when trying to Jump from a Billing doc number in BI Report to ECC.

Request your inputs on above 3 points