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Jul 17, 2007 at 10:40 AM

Scroll wheel in barchart



I have a very special question here: in our application we use a barchart display using the function modules BARC_GRAPHIC_PBO and GRAPH_RECEIVE which in return start the frontend application gnbax.exe (on W32).

Works fine except that the scroll whell of the mouse doesn't work. You can scroll clicking on the scrollbar but not with the mouse wheel.

Now, if you run the demo report BARCBO01 it has the very same effect. No scrolling with mouse wheel.

If you run demo report BARCOCX1 then you can use the mouse wheel just fine.

Why is that ? Is that a frontend setting ? Are there any parameters to be passed along like in BARC_SET_OPTION or the like ?

Would be very helpful for any hint !!!!!

Best regards