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Error M7 022, should the batch be transferred from 107 to 109 MvT

Jul 26, 2017 at 08:49 AM


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Hi Dears,

We're using valuated GR blocked stock functionality. The materials are batch managed.

I'm posting GR with 107 MvT => record in MSTB created with key fields MATNR, WERKS, CHARG and BWTAR. The batch generated automatically.

Then I'm trying to release the GR with MvT 109 against the same PO. The batch is still required. If I set up the automatic batch generation, it leads to error M7 022 "MSTB-CWESB exceeded by *** ". If I set the system up not to create a batch, it requires me to enter it manually. In any case I need to pick up the batch from the 107 mat doc and pass it on to the 109 GR MIGO screen.

I'm on SAP_APPL617.

The question is whether the batch number should be automatically transferred from 107 to 109 or not? Do I miss some notes, because I saw there was a number, but all I've found is already implemented? Probably some settings? Or, maybe it's a normal behaviour (that I'm pretty shure not)?

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Anton Goncharov Aug 28, 2017 at 01:47 PM

So I raised a message to SAP.

Their recommendation is to use in MIGO action A05 "Release GR blocked stock" against each material document instead of using action A01 "Goods Receipt" against the whole PO. In this case the batch will be transferred from 107 MatDoc to 109 correctly.

Also there is a note 2037864 - MIGO: batch not defaulted for movement type 108 or 109

Upon it's implemented the system should transfer the batch number from 107 to 109 even while using action A01 "Goods Receipt" against a PO but only in case there are no different batches in 107 documents.

The idea to adopt the system so that to colect data from EKBE in one single material document with multiple items was rejected.

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Jürgen L
Jul 26, 2017 at 03:13 PM

I think you just missed the restrictions for valuated GR blocked stock from OSS note 1110140 - Valuated GR Blocked Stock: Restrictions / FAQ

point 3: Split valuated materials cannot be managed in the GR blocked stock.

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Does that mean that in case split valuation is active (irrespective of valuation category), the system cannot work correctly (or let's say as I expect) with val. GR blocked stock? I don't know how it works without split valuation, I cannot try it since it's already swithed on.

What confuses me is that if I post GR with 107, then trying to release it with 109 it requires the batch. If I check it in 107 mat doc or in MSTB table and enter in manually, it works fine all the postings, all the DB entries. The only issue is that the user must manually transfer this batch number and thats it.

Frankly specifically in this regards I don't really see the difference for the system whether to work with split valuation as active or inactive. Valuation type is just another key field in MSTB and thats it. Probably you understand it in another way rather than me?


I just see that you are on 617 already, according to the note I gave you the system should be able to work with split valuated materials and valuated GR blocked stock since EHP5, see also note 1979956 - Batch entry requirement with movement type 107


And it works fine in terms of posting and overall process. Except this one thing with batch transferring from 107 to 109.

You see, it's unnormally not comfortable for a user (even for me as a consultant) to search for a batch in the previous material document. The batch, created during 107 even not displayed in standard stock reports (MB52, MMBE). And I don't see any technical reason not to transfer it from one matdoc to another.

I've gone through a number of notes relating ro val GB blocked stock. All of them are implemented. So, what I think is that there are 4 possibilities:

- I miss some note

- I miss some settings

- I miss some understanding of tech restrictions

- I need to raise a message

What do you think?


you can try the last one.

I am the opinion that SAP could read the information from EKBE table if you reference PO and item. Maybe SAP does not do that for performance reasons or because it may not be clear which EKBE they shall use in case of multiple receipts (as you can reference a specific one).


Ok, thank you!

If I get some useful info, will post it here.