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Picking date update in outbound delivery based on Transfer order (TO) confirmation


Now, it's a week that we work with route determination in outbound delivery for STO.

When the delivery is created, the planned GI date is calculated based on delivery date from STO minus transit time, and picking date is the planned GI date minus pick/pack time.

In the WH we work with WM. What we have realized is that when we do transfer order--> confirm, the picking date is updated based on the date of TO confirmation.

If it would have happen once, at the first TO then it would be good, because we would see the planned GI date based on picking date which is updated based on the confirmation of the TO date + pick/pack time.

Our problem is that when we do additional TO, let's say 2 days later, after we already started picking, when we do TO confirm, it updates the picking date again (although we are already in the middle or end of picking, but we just pick the rest of the goods. In this situation, all dates are postopned to a later date, which is incorrect.

We can change the picking date in the outbound delivery only once, based on TO onfirmation, or not at all.

Is there any way to do it?

It's in production, then I'll appreciate your prompt answer.



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  • Hello,

    In addition to what I've described, I understand that the picking date, in the outbound delivery, is changed based on the actual picking, every time a TO is confirmed (or at the end of all TOs confirmation).

    My concern is why the system do forward scheduling each time the picking date is updated?

    When we create the delivery, the picking date is defined based on backward scheduling, then pickq/pack time is taken into consideration, when we start do the picking it makes sense to change the dates afterwards. But from the next TO we are already in the time range of picking, adding again and again pick/pack time does not make any sense.

    Maybe someone has an idea what to do?

    Thanks a lot,


1 Answer

  • Posted on Jul 27, 2017 at 06:57 AM


    I have found a way to stop the scheduling in the outbound delivery, after it is created.

    Then I can solve my problem.

    I still don't understand why, if I don't mark this checkbox, TO confirmation is updating each time the picking date and then all other dates are changed based on forward scheduling. In this situation, although I have pick/pack which should be considered only once we've started picking, it is adding to the updating picking date every confirmation- it doesn't make sense.

    I would be glad to hear if someone has an explaintation for that.

    Thanks a lot,


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