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Jul 25, 2017 at 01:52 PM

How will manage huge amount data through PI based on some condition


Dear All,

My requirement is RFC to JDBC scenario based some condition the data need to move different channel.

Condition: based on plant coming from ECC the data need to go different channels. There are 4 plants,for every plant it should have different receiver channel.


1. I have imported RFC structure into PI.

2.created Message mapping and operation mapping.


1. I have created1sender channel and 4 receiver business components and 4 receiver communication channels.

2.. I have used condition in ICO for 4plants.


In ECC they are created variant and they are pushing the data plant wise.

There is a huge amount of data is coming from ECC (approx 500MB data) for single plant.

When the data entering into PI the PI server will shutdown for sometime after that the data is going very slowly.

We are testing in quality server if we move this interface to production I think the production server will get problem.

So how will we manage this interface. Is there any solution for this.

Note : before It was working fine(slowly) but that time requirement was for all plants there is only communication channel. But now the requirement for each plant they have created different that's why I have used condition in ICO.

Kindly help me on this.