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May i know What is the effect If I Change the Data element sub object.

Jul 25, 2017 at 01:04 PM


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Need Small help Knowingly or un knowingly i Change the Data element Sub object,
Just i press the sub object then save it. Domain is same. then i save the Changes in the request.

Some fields were missed in the data base. I need to move these data elements to next system.

May i know any thing will happens due to what i did now

Will the request create the Data element int he next system.

Can any body suggest me.

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Any suggestions Please Tell me.


In your next questions, I recommend you to screen capture only the portion of the screen of interest (because I have to zoom 1000% to see it, and because the upload time will be quicker for you, and the image size will be smaller "to save trees")


If you click on the question.png link next to the camera you get a better sized file....Or are you viewing this on a Nokia 3310 ?


Please tell us explicitly what the problem is, what the error message is, and add a screen capture concerning the error.

About your last question "Will the request create the Data element int he next system." the answer is: yes if it doesn't exist yet.


Thank you Sir, Yes, Next time i will Capture Certain portion only.

Thank you i moved the Tr to next system,It was created.

I have one Critical issue.

Some transport requests will be changed


Development Last number is 303 , Quality Last number is 404

So i can not move 303 to quality because already 303 were exists with different objects.
In Development 303 I was Created some domains , this domains i need to move to Quality.
But unfortunately 303 request was Released.
Now i need to move the domains to Quality ,what i has to do. Again open in Change mode need to to small change at text.
then it will create a request and move the new tr to Quality.
But the problem is the Domain or dataelement is having dependent fields. First i need to remove these fields in that structures or tabels. then come to se11 then do the changes in data element. else it is not allowing me to view it in change mode

So, But finally i choose what i did .

Thank you working fine.

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5 Answers

Jelena Perfiljeva
Jul 25, 2017 at 07:58 PM

In all honesty, the best thing to do in such situation is just ask someone with more experience locally to help.

Because the question verbiage demonstrates lack of knowledge in fundamental dictionary and transport system concepts I'm reluctant to advise anything else, sorry.

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Thanks for your reply.

Locally nobody are there. 1 Technical, 1 Functional and 1 Admin is available.That's what i am asking.


You should not be doing this kind of assignment without any experience and without assistance or supervision. Go to your manager and tell them they need the right resources for this kind of work or they need to provide you with training.

Horst Keller
Jul 26, 2017 at 04:30 AM

Don't know what you mean. Read the below documentation to get a basic understanding and rephrase your question.

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Ok sir I will check it.

Raymond Giuseppi
Jul 26, 2017 at 10:26 AM

Are you trying to implement 2434480 - GST INDIA S4HANA: Changes to Transaction data- Data Dictionary activities

(Did you execute the provided NOTE_2434480 report?)

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I Execute the Report. Fields are create. My problem is different. Some Transport request related problems.In the above I was explained Clearly.Thank you sir.


Then why did you required a sscr key, not a good idea when SAP provides a report to do the job?


When you run the program, a transport request is to be selected, and all installed DDIC objects are assigned to the transport request. Then you apply the note, you should choose the same transport request (just because it's more simple to have only one request).

So, if your initial transport request(s) have already been released, please run again the program and reapply the note, and the transport request will install everything correctly.

If you have a problem, then please contact the SAP support.


Yes Sir, I understood. But Unfortunately, out 100 some fields they suggested us to manually, these fields how can i Create it. this is my biggest problems. Yes I run the report. After run the report remaining fields i was created manually.
Problem comes here. Hope you understood.


If the report (NOTE_2434480) didn't (or didn't correctly) create every object, you should be allowed to create an incident/OSS message to SAP support.

Richard Harper Jul 26, 2017 at 07:07 AM

I would back out your changes, delete the transport and then reactivate the data element.

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But the problem is the field is not allowing me ,to change because it is having dependent objects like Structures and Tables. .almost 20 to 25 in all these places i can do changes.

Even it is not view the object in Change mode in Se11

Hope you understood my problem.


If you have not applied the changes when it shows you the dependant structures popup then:in the menu goto:

Utilities->Versions->Revert To Active version

That will then remove your changes from the data element and all it's dependants. It will allow you to change if you click the green tick in the dependant structures window, but in doing so you will probably screw your SAP system completely.

I understand your problem completely: You don't know or understand what you are doing so you want people to tell you how to do it. In this case that is not going to happen because changes like this can have catastrophic effects on your system.

Either ask your employer to send you on a course, or employ a qualified SAP consultant.


At this stage, the course is too late - unless they're happy to wait a few years for the OP to get the experience. I'd recommend getting someone knowledgeable in.


Do you think we should offer our services to repair their system ?


I suspect it's exactly the problem that obviously OP's employer does not want / has no money to get the qualified resources. Then SCN ends up being used as a tool to ask the said qualified resources for free consulting. Really clever move on the OP employer's side. Totally sucks for both OP and qualified resources. That's modern day capitalism.


I'm not suggesting it's necessarily the case here, but it has happened before that people (or their third-party employer) oversell themselves and can't ask for help locally because, well, they'd be found out.


In fact, because of that I'm considering to quit the community. But from time to time there are questions that point to errors in ABAP and the ABAP documentation (recently yesterday) and that's why I stay. My only hope is, that the level of the most questions asked here is not representative for the future of ABAP programming.


If you find questions that are really outside of the scope of what should be being asked here, please report to moderators. At least then we can weed out fluff and prevent serious/interesting questions being lost.


Hi Horst,

Don't quit. You're running into a problem that a lot of the 'lifers' in the Abap forums have been battling against for years and yes - it's sad to see. It's frustrating as well because you know that the client they are working for is being shafted because the code will not be optimal. A lot of the time it's because of the 'Up or Out' policies in the delivery centres whereby after 3 years you have to accept promotion and then your experience is lost.

This needs to be addressed by SAP in general because it's bad code that gives a system a bad name.

However, I'll say again. Don't quit.




Yeah, join the club, Horst. You are not a quitter!

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Former Member Jul 28, 2017 at 07:59 AM

hi bhaskar,

this is related to basics of the programming ...If you change the sub object suppose CURR to other then the variable behavior will be change. Domain decide which type of data that variable can hold.

rest useful link are posted above. you please check that for more detail please.



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Thank you.