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Jul 25, 2017 at 09:43 AM

SAP BPC 10.0 Unified Model Installation checks


Hi Experts,

How can we find the SAP BPC 10.0 Unified model web interface link in BW System.

We have BW 7.4 System,which are able to access RSPLAN T-code and created Filters,Planning functions and Planning sequences on top of input query and aggregations. But basis team couldn't able to find the Unified model URL.

How to know, weather BPC 10.0 Unified model is activated or not?.if not activate, how i am able to use RSPLAN t-code

Note : Currently we are able to access the BPC 10.0 Classic version https:server:port/sap/bpc/web..which we dnot have any concerns on classic version.

With Regards,

Brahma Reddy Kolli.